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African Safaris

Site Map - General Safari Pages

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Due to the number of African Safari properties and photo galleries herein, we have divided our site into detailed sub-maps (with links to all pages).


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   •   Seychelles   •   South Africa   •   Tanzania   •   Zambia   •   Zimbabwe

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    Eyes On Africa – Home
      •  Our Company - About Us
      •  Why Eyes on Africa?
      •  Client Testimonials

    African Safari Destinations Map
      •  African Safari Camps Listing
      •  African Safari Photos Listing


           Booking Terms
           Frequently Asked Questions
                 •  Recommended Reading
                 •  Africa Weather (Rainfall & Temperature)

           African Safari Photography
                 •  Safari Photography Tips - Page 1
                 •  Safari Photography Tips - Page 2

           Planning Your African Safari
                 •  Reservations Booking Form Info
                 •  Reservations Booking Form (pdf)
                 •  Credit Card Charge Authorization (pdf)

           Planning Articles
                 •  Safety Tips for the Adventure of Your Life
                 •  Secrets for Sensational Safari Photos
                 •  Botswana – A Spectacular Paradise for Safari
                 •  Namibia - Like No Other Place On Earth
                 •  Preparing for Your African Safari
                 •  African Safaris And Diseases – Will You Get Sick?
                 •  So Many Safaris, So Little Time - A Safari Planner
                 •  African Wildlife - The Big Five
                 •  The Safari Education - Africa’s Treasure Trove of History
                 •  The History of Safari - How it All Began
                 •  The Deserts of Africa - Unimaginable Beauty
                 •  Africa’s Rainforests - Can They Be Saved?

           Rates and Pricing

           Recommended Reading

           Reservations and Booking Forms

           Travel Insurance


           Code of Safari Ethics and Conduct

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           Legal Restrictions & Terms of Use



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    Safari Types - Customized or Scheduled?
      •  Types & Characteristics of our Safaris

      •  Value Safari Styles - Discoverer & Adventurer

           1.  Botswana Safaris
                 •  Delta Adventurer
                 •  Great Wilderness Journey Safari
                 •  Green Desert Expedition Safari
                 •  Migration Routes Safari
                 •  Parched Kalahari Safari
                 •  Selinda Walking Trails
                 •  Xigera Mokoro Trail
                          Xigera Mokoro Trail Photos

           2.  Digital Photography Safaris
                 •  The Digital Photography Safari

           3.  Ethiopia Safari
                 •  Ethiopia Spiritial Discoverer Safari

           4.  Kenya Safari
                 •  Premier Kenya Safari

           5. Madagascar Safaris
                 •  Barefoot Luxury Southern Explorer
                 •  Kafue's Rivers & Plains Safari

           6.  Malawi & Zambia Safaris
                 •  Great Malawian Journey Safari
                 •  Kafue's Rivers & Plains Safari

           7.  Namibia Safaris
                 •  Best of Namibia Circuit Safari
                 •  Desert Rhino & Elephant Expedition
                 •  Diverse Namibia Safari
                 •  Great Namibian Journey Safari
                 •  Namibian Mountain Bike Safari
                 •  Spirit of the Namib Safari

           8.  South Africa Safaris
                 •  Highlights of South Africa - Upmarket
                 •  Pafuri Walking Trail
                          Pafuri Walking Trail Safari Photos

           9.  Tanzania Safaris
                 •  Best of East Africa
                 •  East Africa Migration Discoverer - Full
                 •  East Africa Migration Discoverer - Half

           10.  Zimbabwe Safaris
                 •  Great Trans African Lodge Safari - 2013
                 •  Great Trans African Lodge Safari - 2014
                 •  Mana Canoe Trail Safari
                          Mana Canoe Trail Safari Photos


                Camping Safaris
                 •  Botswana Wildside Safari
                 •  Cape to Victoria Falls Explorer Safari
                 •  Cape to Victoria Falls Grand Explorer Safari
                 •  Desert & Delta Safari
                 •  Desert Tour
                 •  Elephant Eco-Lodge Safari
                 •  Game Trail Safari
                 •  Kalahari & Delta Safari
                 •  Madagascar Barefoot Luxury Kayak Adventure
                 •  Scenic Route Safari
                 •  Tanzania Wildlife & Cultural Explorer
                 •  Tanzania Wildlife Adventurer
                 •  Trade Route Safari

                Accommodated Safaris
                 •  1000 Views of Madagascar
                 •  4WD to Deep South
                 •  Amarina Hotel Beach Package
                 •  Andasibe Reserve Package
                 •  Angola & Northern Namibia Expedition - 15 Day
                 •  Angola & Northern Namibia Expedition - 13 Day
                 •  Angola & Northern Namibia Expedition
                 •  Beach & Bush Safari
                 •  Beach and Wildlife Voyager
                 •  Botswana Lodge Explorer
                 •  Botswana Untouched Mobile Safari - 12 Days
                 •  Botswana Untouched Mobile Safari - 9 Days
                 •  Botswana Wildlife Breakaway Safari
                 •  Botswana Wildparks Safari
                 •  Cape to Namibia Grand Explorer Safari
                 •  Cape to Victoria Falls Grand Explorer Safari
                 •  Classic Kenya Safari
                 •  Diamonds and Dunes Safari
                 •  Diego and Montagne Safari
                 •  Ethiopia Cultural Explorer Safari
                 •  Game Tracker Safari
                 •  Gorilla Adventure Safari - 4 Days
                 •  Gorilla Adventure Safari - 3 Days
                 •  Gorilla Adventure Safari - 4 Days
                 •  Greater Kruger Walking Trek Safari
                 •  Highlights of Kenya Safari
                 •  Highlights of South Africa Safari - Midrange
                 •  Highlights of South Africa Safari - Standard
                 •  Intimate Zimbabwe Lodge Safari
                 •  Khwai Bedouin Camp Package Safari
                 •  Kruger Wildlife Experience Safari - Midrange
                 •  Kruger Wildlife Experience Safari - Standard
                 •  Kruger Wildlife Experience Safari - Upmarket
                 •  Lake Kariba Package Safari - Musango Safari Camp
                 •  Lake Kariba Package Safari - Rhino Safari Camp
                 •  Luxury Yacht Charter
                 •  Madagascar East Package Safari
                 •  Madagascar Island Hopping
                 •  Madagascar North Adventure
                 •  Masoala Adventure Safari
                 •  Morondava Baobab Tsingy Package
                 •  Northern Adventurer Safari
                 •  Northern Experience Safari
                 •  Northern Explorer Safari
                 •  Northern Skies Safari
                 •  Nosy Be Beach Package
                 •  Pure Namibia Safari
                 •  Re-Discover Zimbabwe Adventure Safari
                 •  South and Morondava Safari
                 •  Southern Adventurer Safari
                 •  Southern Experience Safari
                 •  Southern Explorer Safari
                 •  Southern Flamingo Package
                 •  Southern Skies
                 •  Rainbow Route Safari
                 •  Southern Circle Safari
                 •  Tanzania Wildlife Adventurer Safari
                 •  Victoria Falls and Hwange Package Safari
                 •  Victoria Falls and Hwange Package Safari
                 •  Victoria Falls Package Safari
                 •  Walking in Style South Africa Safari
                 •  Walking South Africa Safari
                 •  World In One Country Safari

                 •  The Blue Train
                          The Blue Train Photos
                 •  Rovos Rail
                          Rovos Rail Photos


Travel Insurance

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