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Botswana Safari

Limpopo Valley Horse Safaris

Mashatu Game Reserve, Tuli Reserve, Botswana

Limpopo Valley Horse Safaris offers an incredible experience in Botswana
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Limpopo Valley Horse Safaris, Mashatu Gamer Reserve, Tuli, BotswanaLimpopo Valley Horse Safaris offer the experience of a lifetime. Surrounded by a multitude of Africa’s flora and fauna, come and explore this breathtaking terrain from horseback, in the company of your experienced African equine host, who has extensive knowledge and experience of the bush.

"Our emphasis is in offering our clients an adventure that is unique to the Tuli Block by paying attention to not only the large mammals, but to the ecology of the area. Being on horseback allows the client the freedom to view the wilderness at their discretion - thus tailor making their own safari experience."

A horse safari in the "Land of the Giants" will arouse the explorer in you. Allow the spirit of your horse to carry you in rhythm with the African beat, to return you back to an age old Africa, where herds of elephant roam, where the "great, green, grey, greasy Limpopo" (in the words of Rudyard Kipling) meanders, where the mighty baobab stands tall and where lions and hyena serenade you under the starry African night sky.

The Tuli Block, home to Mashatu Game Reserve and Limpopo Valley Horse Safaris is an area of great diversity, magnificent vistas and land formations as ancient as time itself. It is also home to a multitude of wildlife species and remains untouched by the invasion of man.

Map of Mashatu Game Reserve: Map of Mashatu

Our riding trails are conducted in the vicinity of the Limpopo Valley and cover both the riverine terrain and the true African mopane bushveld, including the famous granite rock formations of the Tuli.

How better to experience the breathtaking beauty of the area than on horseback! An unparalleled equine adventure will take you back to a time when man and his environment were one!

Tuli Safari - a 7 night wilderness safari. The 1st night is spent at Fort Jameson before heading out into the bush where the next 6 nights will each be spent at a different wilderness camp. Each day is spent riding through the diverse terrain within Mashatu. The Tuli Safari always begins on a Sunday.

Limpopo Safari - this is a camp based safari. Each night is spent in the comfort of Fort Jameson, with 2 out rides a day - one in the early morning and one in the afternoon. This itinerary is tailormade to suit individual requirements and has no minimum stay restrictions.

HORSE SAFARI DETAILS            For images of Horse Safaris, click Horse Safari Images
Two horse safaris are offered:  The Tuli Safari and the Limpopo Safari

TULI SAFARI (7 nights / 8 days wilderness safari)
Season: March – October
Accommodation: Fort Jameson and wilderness camps

* Children under 16 years are not permitted.
* Only experienced riders may participate.

Amazing Horse Safari with Limpopo ValleyGuests who partake on these exciting trips spend the first night at Fort Jameson Camp, and then embark on a journey through the wild, utilizing different remote campsites set up in the bush each night. Should clients feel that seven nights is too long, we are able to reduce the number of nights booked to 4. We are not, however, able to arrange for late arrivals on the safari.

A minimum of 4 riders are required to operate the Tuli Safari. For a party of less than 4, guests will remain based at Fort Jameson Camp, and will participate on rides which head out from the camp each morning and late afternoon. We will always endeavour to arrange at least one night in the bush in this scenario. This is, however, subject to prevailing conditions and availability and cannot be guaranteed.

Regardless of which safari guests reserve, the essence of the experience remains unchanged. Superb hospitality, excellent meals, invigorating rides on exceptional horses within the magical realm of Mashatu Game Reserve.

Upon arrival at the Pont Drift Border Post or Limpopo Valley Airfield, you will be met by a representative and transferred to Fort Jamesons Camp.
After a light lunch, the balance of the afternoon will be spent selecting, and getting acquainted with, your horse. You will then embark on an introductory ride along the banks of the mighty Limpopo River .

Your first evening is spent enjoying sundowners at the Stable Bar whilst watching the horses roll in the setting sun, before a delectable dinner is served in the beautiful garden under the inky black sky (weather permitting). Retire for a night of rest in the comfort of Fort Jamesons Camp.

A glorious morning commences at sunrise with tea/coffee and a light breakfast under the Mashatu Tree in the FJ garden. Departing from Fort Jamesons the ride heads off in a northwesterly direction for Jwala Camp on the banks of the Jwala River . 6-7 hrs are spent in the saddle enjoying the abundance of game and the magnificent scenery synonymous with the Land of the Giants.
Dinner is prepared over an open fire by Joyce or Martha – our truly brilliant chefs whose “bush cuisine” is renowned far and wide.

Retire to your dome tent where you will experience the “music” of the African bush as it gently serenades you to sleep.

Wilderness horseback safari in MashatuAn early wake up call heralds a new day and tea/coffee and a delicious light breakfast treat are served around the log fire.
The next ride begins: Test the amazingly sure footed Boerperd as we cross over basalt ridges following age old elephant trails, and enjoy long sustained canters to make up for the lost time traversing the ridges. This ride will be about 6-7 hours.

Camp is at the Kgotla. This is an old tribal court from a nearby community that was relocated to the banks of the Mocloutse River on the western periphery of Mashatu. The open-air traditional African enclosure is made of leadwood logs in the shade of a century old Mashatu Tree. Sundowners are enjoyed from a sandstone kopje overlooking the Mocloutse River as it meanders and disappears into the African landscape.

Guests enjoy dinner around a large log fire, before retiring to bed. This evening is spectacular! The night is spent sleeping under the stars in the cacophony of sound generated by the African bush orchestra.

We spend two nights at Kgotla camp, in order to have a full day worth of exploring the sandstone formations including the famed Solomans Wall. Ancient civilizations harbored their wealth in between these hills, where two mighty rivers meet; the Limpopo and the Mocloutse. This days riding will be about 4-5 hours to leave time for exploring the surroundings on foot.

It’s up and away! Another early rise and a good breakfast around the log fire will set the morning off to a good start.

Today’s ride will allow you to become one with nature as you head towards the watering hole at Pete’s Pond. Large open plains afford the opportunity to tantalize the taste buds of the thrill seeker with exhilarating riding amongst herds of galloping wildebeest and zebra! See the visual wonders of nature, feel the warmth of the sun on your face and taste Africa in its most authentic sense!

On arrival at Pete’s Pond you will be welcomed by a well-deserved lunch as this probably the longest ride about 7-8 hours, which is served outside the hide overlooking the large waterhole. The wildlife and bird life is prolific in this area. The afternoon can be spent sitting in the hide overlooking the water hole.

As evening draws to a close, enjoy the camaraderie and drinks with your fellow riders around the fire.

The Tuli Horse SafariStart your day with a scrumptious breakfast prepared over the open fire. This morning will begin a little slower, as this day will be spent exploring the banks of the Mojale and Matabole Rivers , following their courses north towards Zeederburg site. The day will offer riding up and down river banks in riverine forest, game sightings and once in a lifetime opportunities for more fabulous photo footage. Today’s riding will be about 5- 6 hours. The afternoon will bring a welcomed lunch under the bows of an old Mashatu tree, where a century past, transport riders had their midday break before finally reaching Fort Tuli .

Spend the afternoon at leisure relaxing before you embark on an afternoon walk into the bush. On foot you are able to witness the smaller creatures and plants that are missed on horse back. You are also able to follow spoor and are one-on-one with the bush environment.

The evening is enjoyed with sundowners around a log fire and a delicious meal sees the close to another exhilarating and rewarding day.

Rise and shine to a hot cup of tea/coffee and a quick breakfast bite before heading off exploring the area on horseback. This ride is rich in history and offers a variety of interesting tales of the past. One of the events of the Anglo Boer War was the destruction of Bryce’s Store in a battle on the banks of the Pitsane River . Remnants of the Store can still be found on Mashatu. Your experience is further enhanced by the large herds of antelope that are encountered along the way, peeking shyly between foliage.

The open plains so characteristic of this area are perfect for a really good gallop, hiopefully with Zebras and wildebeests! As you head in the direction of the Mojale and Limpopo rivers where lunch awaits you. This ride is about 5-6 hours.

Once you have settled at the new wilderness camp, and after a fulfilling lunch, it's time to explore the Limpopo River bank on foot or to partake in a game drive which gives the opportunity to see some of the big cats from close.

Dinner is around the log fire, under another centurion Mashatu Tree. A dreamless sleep no doubt awaits you as the final day draws to a close.

Evening ride with Limpopo Valley Horse SafarisToday is your last day in the bush and begins with your final early morning tea/coffee and breakfast snack over the open fire. This morning is spent riding along the Limpopo River and skirting the edge of Nel's vlei, we head back to fort Jamesons . This is a shorter ride about 2-3 hours to give you some time to get ready for departure.

After a final brunch in the beautiful picturesque gardens of Fort Jamesons and sad farewells to your riding companions and trusty Steeds, you will have a chance to pack and freshen up in order to prepare for departure to either the Limpopo Valley Airfield or Pont Drift Border Post.


LIMPOPO SAFARI (Morning and afternoon rides from Fort Jameson)

Season: Available all year round, except January
Accommodation: Fort Jameson

* Children under 16 years are not permitted, unless they are experienced and competent riders, and the party they are travelling with have reserved the safari exclusively. The children must be accompanied by a parent.
* Only experienced riders may participate.

This is a camp based safari. Each night is spent in the comfort of Fort Jamesons, with 2 out rides a day - one in the early morning and one in the afternoon. This itinerary is tailormade to suit individual requirements and has no minimum stay restrictions.


Limpopo Horse SafariUpon your arrival at Pont Drift Border Post or Limpopo Valley Airfield a Limpopo representative will be waiting to transfer you to Fort Jamesons - your base for the duration of your stay. Following check in and a light lunch you will spend your time at leisure before meeting for an afternoon ride conducted along the Limpopo River . Upon your return you will be served sundowners at our Stable Bar overlooking the horses as they play and cool off in the setting sun.

On return to the camp, your first evening is spent enjoying your beverage of choice before a delectable dinner is served in the beautiful garden under the inky black sky (weather permitting). Retire for a good night of rest in the comfort of Fort Jamesons Camp.

YRide out from Fort Jameson, Mashatuou will be woken at sunrise with tea or coffee, to the early morning excitement generated by the bushveld dawn chorus. Following a light breakfast you will then meet up with your carefully selected horse for the day.

The morning ride will take you through areas of historical importance - the Zeederburg Route , as well as an old Boer War sites. The riding experience is varied; you will go according to where the game is as this varies per season. Most days includes large open plains, which allows for exhilarating galloping as well as woodlands with plenty of opportunities to jump natural obstacles.

Return to Fort Jameson where the staff will be awaiting your arrival for brunch / lunch. The rest of the afternoon will be spent at leisure. You will then ride out for two hours until sunset with opportunities to try different mounts and possibly some cross country jumps, returning for a delectable three course dinner by candlelight.

Depending on the amount of time booked on this safari, each day will be planned in different areas of the reserve.
(Please note that all itineraries are subject to change according to movement of elephant and other mobile game species.)

Accommodation            For images of Horse Safari Accommodation, click Horse Safari Images
Fort Jameson
Fort Jameson is situated on the Limpopo River in the Mashatu Game Reserve. The camp consists of 5 log cabins, each comprising two extra large single beds, private en-suite facilities (including a shower, flush toilet and wash basin with hot/cold running water). Facilities in the camp include an air-conditioned lounge / dining room, a swimming pool and fully stocked bar. A waterhole offers exciting game viewing from the perimeter of the camp.

Wilderness/ Satellite Camps
Wilderness camping and horse safariSatellite campsites are set up in specific locations throughout the Mashatu wilderness. Accommodation is in dome tents on comfortable beds with sheets and duvets. Facilities include a bucket shower, and “bush-WC” (not complete without spade) - most importantly – enjoy every amenity afforded by Mother Nature! Meals are cooked around a camp fire.

The Kgotla
The Kgotla is an old tribal court from a nearby community that was relocated to the banks of the Motloutse River on the western periphery of Mashatu. The boma is an open-air traditional African enclosure made up of leadwood logs. Guests sleep on beds around a large log fire which blazes at the centre.

The Horses
Shire Cross Thoroughbred
The horses have been individually selected for their temperament and rideability. They have been carefully chosen from the various South African breeds, which are well known for being of a tougher nature - able to cope under extreme conditions. These breeds include the Boerperd, Shire Cross Thoroughbreds, Appalosas, and the S.A. Warmblood. They range in size from 14.3h.h to 17 h.h.

Limpopo Valley Horse Safaris prides itself on horses that have been selected with the same stringent criteria as those selected for eventing and other equine competitive sports. Our schooling concentrates on classical English style, although they neck rein when in the bush. They are schooled to very high level and respond easily and lightly to the aids. We use Australian stock saddles, South African Mcllelans and a selection of English saddles for those who prefer.

The Limpopo Valley Staff
The camp management couple are Cor and Louise Carelson. Cor and Louise have been with Limpopo for 3 years and have taken over the challenges of running the camp. Louise is still doing the most fantastic job with the schooling of our horses and management of the stables and Cor runs the fabulous horse safari operation.

Cor from Limpopo Valley Horse SafarisCor, a native of South Africa, is a dedicated conservationist and guide who has been working at LVHS for over 3 years. He has a diploma in Nature Conservation and has worked as a project manager for a charitable conservation foundation in Ecuador, which was dedicated to preserving virgin Andean cloud forests as well as Estate Manager for a racehorse stud and training farm in England. Cor has ridden from a young age on his family's farm horses, but only started riding on a professional basis when he worked as a Guide for Equus Horse Safaris in South Africa, before joining Limpopo Valley Horse Safaris in 2003.

It was at Equus that Cor met Louise, a dual British/American citizen who was brought up in Germany, Switzerland and England and who has been passionate about horses from as soon as she could walk. An experience competitor on the affiliated British Eventing circuit, Louise has also worked as an exercise rider for top trainers in Newmarket and participated as an amateur jockey at 'Point to Point' race meetings. Trained professionally at the French National Riding School at Saumur, Louise is now qualified as a BHS Intermediate Instructor.

‘West’ Mmanoko is a rare breed of man, a Motswana with a passion for and love of horses. West started with Limpopo Valley Horse Safaris in the Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana, about three years ago as a groom. Today, after muchf guidance and assistance from Limpopo Valley’s team of highly experienced and acclaimed equestrianists, West and his horse, ‘Baron’ are a regular sight out on the plains of Mashatu.

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Map of Mashatu Game Reserve: Map of Mashatu

For further information about the Tuli Region & Tuli Game Reserve, click Tuli Information
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