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South Africa Safari

Ngala Tented Safari Camp

Timbavati Nature Reserve, South Africa

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Ngala, meaning "Lion" in the local Shangaan language, is the only private safari reserve in the world-famous Kruger National Park. Ngala Private Game Reserve is host to two exclusive properties - classic Ngala Game Lodge in the north and contemporary Ngala Tented Safari Camp in the south. Ngala has exclusive traversing rights over 14,780 hectares (36,506 acres) of Kruger's two million hectares (4,940,000 acres), one of the richest and most strategically important wildlife areas on the continent.

When you enter Ngala Game Lodge, you encounter a world capturing the romance and elegant traditions of a bygone time, the era of classic safari. The lodge is set on the banks of the Mapone riverbed and features antique-filled interiors and a timeless, unhurried atmosphere. CC Africa has also opened its first tented safari camp in South Africa, Ngala Tented Safari Camp, set on the banks of the great Timbavati river. This absolutely luxurious and lavish new camp acts as a satellite camp to Ngala Game Lodge, about a 45 minute drive away.

At Ngala, you can experience remarkably close encounters with breeding herds of Elephant and Buffalo. See Black and White Rhino, Giraffe and a host of antelope, along with the great cats and occasionally, Wild Dog. At sunset, sip sundowners at the waterhole and experience life in Africa as described by legendary author and philosopher, Sir Laurens van der Post: "All Africa was in that moment for me. Yes, the whole cast of the first natural, primordial, legitimate theatre of Africa seemed gathered there to make its final curtsy in the limelight of the sunset hour and receive twilight applause before the night dropped its final curtain."

Ngala has even more to offer. It is the scene of one of Africa's most innovative conservation partnership agreements. CC Africa has joined forces with the natinonal park authorities (Kruger National Park) and the non-governmental South African Nature Trust Foundation. Under this partnership, a percentage of all profits from Ngala flow into the National Parks Trust to promote conservation projects.

Both the lodge and the tented camp are members of Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

Accommodation            For images of Ngala Tented Safari Camp, click Ngala Tented Camp Images
Ngala Tented Safari Camp is a satellite camp to Ngala Game Lodge with just six spacious tents featuring wooden decks. The chic and modern guest areas overlook the Timbavati riverbed and feature a superb intimate hide.

Tents: CC Africa's first tented camp in South Africa features six deluxe tents on raised platforms with secluded wooden decks. Each spacious tent has an invigorating outdoor shower with mist nozzles as well as a bath mounted on a rough-hewn wood base for pure, indulgent pleasure. You can lie back and enjoy the extra-length beds while being cooled by a gentle breeze from a quiet overhead fan. The tents feature wooden sides with gauze screen windows, where delicate breezes from the bushveld sweep in to keep you cool.

On winter nights, you can snuggle up in the warm electric blankets. All year round, giant shady trees form a cool green canopy over this tranquil camp.

Interiors: Ngala Tented Safari Camp is an elegant and luxurious tented camp with a fresh and contemporary feel. Classic and witty elements from the 1950s to the 1970s have been integrated into the camp's lounge, dining and living areas. Architecturally, the camp has been designed along clean lines with timeless, sophisticated styling.

Living Spaces: Chic and modern, the camp's guest areas overlook the Timbavati riverbed which draws much wildlife to its tree-lined banks. Next to a nearby waterhole is the intimate hide which allows you to see and photograph wildlife incredibly close-up.

The irresistible blues of the pool merge with the contours of the riverbank. Surrounded by a timber deck, the pool is a perfect "waterhole" for you to relax and cool off in after a thrilling day on safari. As the day draws to a close, you can sit on the viewing deck above the Timbavati riverbed, drink in hand, and share your adventures.

In the cool winter evenings, the open fireplaces are a magnet for convivial gatherings of guests. You are welcome to visit the well-stocked curio shop at nearby Ngala Game Lodge, which lies just 45 minutes away in the northern part of Ngala Private Game Reserve.

Conferences: Ngala Tented Safari Camp is ideal for small conferences and exclusive business meetings.

Ngala offers Pan-African cooking with delightful flair. This unique kind of cuisine is a blend of traditional and ethnic African recipes and cooking methods, presented with a modern and characteristic flavor all its own. The dishes are both a delight to the palate and to the eye. Spices and aromas for which Africa is famous, such as genuine vanilla, saffron, coriander and cumin, delicately complement each mouth-watering dish, from the vegetable soups and fire-roasted meats to the homemade ice creams.

Bush Banquets: Ngala offers moonlit bush dinners and bush sundowners. Bush banquets are served in a clearing in the bush under a star-studded sky. The incredible effort, the spectacular settings, the visual impact and the fairytale atmosphere of a dinner under the stars make for an unforgettable feast.

Ngala offers moonlit bush dinners and bush sundowners. Bush banquets are served in a clearing in the bush under a star-studded sky. The experience of wild dining in a spectacular setting under the African night sky make for an unmatchable feast.

Spectacular al fresco dinners among islands of reeds on the dry Timbavati riverbed promise to be unforgettable with a thrillingly wild atmosphere.

Game Drives: You can enjoy excellent game viewing encounters on the twice daily game drives in open Land Rovers. Ngala offers both off-road and night game drives. Ngala offers prime sightings of big five game as well as numerous other species. On exciting night drives you will see nocturnal animals, adding a dramatic dimension to your safari.

Interpretive Walks: Ngala's knowledgeable guides and trackers will lead you on guided nature walks through the heart of the bush, revealing some of nature's most closely guarded secrets. You will have a chance to experience the African bushveld close-up as you tread past intriguing plants and spy more elusive, smaller creatures such as birds, reptiles, insects and tiny mammals.

Adventures: It is possible to fill every minute of your safari with a range of exciting activities including stargazing, stunning bird-watching opportunities, swimming in Ngala's sparkling pools, fairytale-like moonlit bush dinners and spectacular bush sundowners. Ngala Game Lodge offers unique activities for children.

At Ngala Tented Safari Camp, mouth-watering al fresco dinners are served on the impressive Timbavati riverbed, which is dry for most of the year. Enchanting islands of reeds are a bird-watcher's paradise. All activities are at no extra charge to guests.

Library: To further your interest in the African wilderness, Ngala has an extensive collection of wildlife books, magazines and videos.

Landscape: Ngala is the only private game reserve in the legendary Kruger National Park, one of the richest and most strategically important wildlife areas in Africa. There are no fences around Ngala, allowing game to move freely. Ngala has exclusive traversing rights over 14 780 hectares (36 506 acres) of Kruger's two million hectares (4 940 000 acres).

Ngala Game Lodge is on the banks of the Mapone River in the north of the reserve, while Ngala Tented Safari Camp is situated on the banks of the seasonal Timbavati river, which runs through the southern section of Ngala Private Game Reserve. The Timbavati comes down in flood once or twice a year, but is dry for the remainder of the year.

Game: Ngala's habitats support an astonishing variety of wildlife including the "big five". Grazers such as buffalo, blue wildebeest, Burchell's zebra and warthog favor open areas, while impala are most common at the edge of bush clumps. Other ungulates to watch out for are giraffe, hippo, bushbuck, grey duiker and kudu.

Breeding herds of elephant make for exceptional viewing. White rhino sightings increase during the dry season. These endangered animals have fascinating territoriality. Ngala offers sightings of both black and white rhino. Large breeding herds of buffalo - numbering up to 400 - have been moving through Ngala and using the waterholes.

Ngala continues to enjoy outstanding leopard and lion pride viewing. The area's vast terrain enables the wide-ranging and rare Wild Dog to roam free. This gives you the privilege of frequent sightings. Also, elusive nocturnal animals including the endangered African Wild Cat and the Pangolin (Scaly Anteater) are often sighted.

Birds: Around 260 species of birds may be seen. Birds around Ngala Private Game Reserve include the Woodland Kingfisher, Scops Owl, Crested Barbet, Marico Sunbird, Spotted-backed Weaver and White-throated Robin.

Colorful birds to look out for are the Southern Yellowbilled Hornbill and the Redbilled Hornbill. With their large, colourful bills and confiding nature, hornbills are among the most conspicuous birds in African savannahs.

Vultures and eagles soaring through the Ngala sky include the Lappet-faced Vulture, White-backed Vulture, Martial Eagle, African Hawk Eagle and Bateleur. Nesting sites for many of these raptors have been found and mapped throughout the reserve. This gives a picture of density, preferred habitats, territorial spacing and favored trees.

The impressive dry riverbed of the Timbavati features islands of reeds, a bird-watcher's paradise.

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