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Reasons to Choose Eyes on Africa



1. Knowledge of our Product
Eyes on Africa are specialists; we sell only Africa and we know our product extremely well.

Don’t confuse an agency’s size with knowledge of product or quality of service; within the specialized industry of African travel and African safaris, bigger certainly does not necessarily mean better.  That said, Eyes on Africa is not a small company.

Client Testimonials - Feedback from our clients.

We are experts in our product and we work hard to stay that wayHere’s what we’ve learned from James’ years of travel in Africa and hundreds of nights on African safaris as a paying client and from Nicky’s many years of experience working with agents and clients in Wilderness Safaris’ Johannesburg office:

• Many agents working for travel agencies (including the larger, more established firms) have barely seen Africa or spent any amount of time on an African safari themselves, yet they are the ones planning clients’ African safari holidays.

• Very few agents ever get the perspective of a paying guest. Most agents visit Africa on a trip designed to maximize the number of camps they can see over a short timeframe, sometimes 3 or more camps per day. This makes it difficult to get a true feel for the camp or see what the area has to offer.

James has spent at least one month per year, every year for over ten years now, on African safaris – NOT on an agent’s trip, but rather spending days, sometimes even weeks exploring an area. He hasn’t seen every camp, but he knows intimately the many African safari areas he’s visited and he possesses a guide's knowledge of the wildlife and fauna of Southern Africa.

Nicky was born in South Africa and lived there her entire life until moving to Chicago to run Eyes on Africa. She knows the African cultures and, with her years of experience at Wilderness Safaris, she has a complete understanding of the operator side of the business (running the camps and operating the African safaris). Her contacts and the close relationships she has built over the years with Africa’s top travel operators are invaluable.

Eyes on Africa was selected most knowledgeable Regional Expert for Southern Africa / Safaris by National Geographic Traveler Magazine, 20th Anniversary Special Issue, October 2004.
Eyes on Africa was selected most knowledgeable
Regional Expert for Southern Africa / Safaris by
National Geographic Traveler Magazine,
20th Anniversary Special Issue.

2. Passion
We are passionate about our work and about Africa!We love Africa.

For Nicky, it’s in her blood and Africa will always be her true home... for James, ever since his first visit, he has felt intimately connected with Africa’s environment and its wildlife.

Africa has a way of getting inside you and touching your soul… it’s a remarkable feeling for those who experience it and we are both constantly yearning to return.

Africa is our passion and we get a wonderful pleasure from introducing new guests or helping past visitors to reconnect with all that Africa has to offer.

3. Security
Your funds are protected and reserved until the day you actually travel.Eyes on Africa is a registered corporation in the state of Illinois. We comply with the statutes of Illinois requiring great care to protect passenger trip payments.

Eyes on Africa places all funds received from our clients in an account at our bank. These funds are secured in the bank account and not accessed until required to be paid out via our agreements with our suppliers. This means that if it became necessary, Eyes on Africa could refund payments received from clients that have not yet been paid out to suppliers.

Please note that the Client Trust account does not mean that clients are immune to any published deposit forfeiture due to cancellation for any reason, our terms and conditions still do apply. It is for this reason that we strongly urge our clients to purchase travel insurance. However, should a client have to cancel and a refund is due, the refund is immediately available.

Eyes on Africa is a member of ASTA - the American Society of Travel Agents (member #900143776), recognized as a symbol of professionalism and integrity in the travel industry. ASTA is the professional affiliation most often endorsed by the media when recommending the best way to find a reliable travel agent. Eyes on Africa adheres to ASTA's strict code of ethics which may be viewed here.

4. Price / Value
Our prices are more than just competitive - we pass along savings with our expertise.You will pay the same (but usually even less) booking your African safari holiday with us than by booking direct with African lodges, camps, airlines and African safari operators. You do not pay extra for our services, rather, we receive discounted rates from these operators and properties, add our markup, and still pass along a net savings to our guests. In addition, you have the assurance that your trip is being planned and your booking handled by experienced and passionate African safari experts on hand to answer all your questions before you travel.

Our trips have no hidden costs. We don’t quote you a low price and then tell you later that, in addition, you have to pay additional fees or that inter-country transportation is extra. When we quote on an African safari, practically everything except gratuities, personal purchases, and perhaps imported liquors are typically included in the cost. We will always inform you up front about any additional costs.

Finally, be assured that we only work with Africa’s most reputable tour operators and properties. We do not attempt to offer cut-rate pricing for a lesser quality experience to attract guests; rather, we strive to offer the best value no matter the level of pricing or luxury and we only work with partners in Africa who offer such a value.

5. Photography
James is available to offer his experience and advice on safari photographyFor most travelers to Africa, bringing home memorable and high-quality photos and/or videos is very important. We encourage our guests to take full advantage of James’ photographic expertise and experience.

Over his many African safaris, he has learned what works and what doesn't. He knows what equipment is required and what not to take. If you have a question, it’s almost a certainty that he’s tried it already and can really help. We encourage everyone to read James’ write-up on photography and feel free to contact us with all of your questions.

6. Conservation and Education
We work with several African conservation organizarionsEyes on Africa actively supports and works directly with environmental conservation organizations like the African Wildlife Foundation, Save the Rhino Trust, and the Botswana Wild Dog Research Project to help protect the Africa we so love.

We are also proud supporters of Children in the Wilderness, an organization dedicated to helping children whose lives have been disrupted by life threatening conditions such as illness, poverty and the HIV/Aids epidemic.  The programme's aim is to host children, aged between 8 and 17 years, in groups of up to 30 at a time, in wilderness settings for periods of up to a week, free of charge. The well structured curriculum is offered in a safe wildlife environment where nature becomes the teacher and the healer, aided by vetted and well-trained counselors with immense all-round life skills.

Please feel free to contact us if you have an interest in participating in or contributing to one of the conservation programs currently underway in Southern Africa.


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Wilderness Wildlife Trust            Eyes on Africa sponsors Children in the Wilderness            Eyes on Africa is a corporate sponsor of The African Wildlife Foundation

Eyes on Africa is proud to be a certified Fundi - a South Africa Tourism Specialist                           Eyes on Africa is endorsed by IATAN - International Airlines Travel Agent Network           Eyes on Africa is a member of the Better Business Bureau             Eyes on Africa is a member of ASTA - The American Society of Travel Agents (member #900143776)

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