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Botswana Safari

Chobe Safari, Linyanti Safari, Selinda Safari, Kwando Safari

Botswana Safaris in Chobe National Park, Linyanti, Selinda & Kwando

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Chobe Chilwero
Chobe Game Lodge
Sekoma Island Lodge
Mowana Safari Lodge
Chobe Marina Lodge
Chobe Safari Lodge
CNP3-Kabulabula #3 Campsite
Chobe Savanna Lodge
CNP2-Kabulabula #2 Campsite
CNP1-Kabulabula #1 Campsite
CNP5-Lechwe Flats #2 Campsite
Chobe Chilwero
CNP4-Lechwe Flats #1 Campsite
CNP6-Lechwe Flats #3 Campsite Chobe Safari Lodge
Ihaha Public Campsite
Chobe Game Lodge
CNP9-Old Game Scout Campsite
CNP10-Trichilia Campsite CNP7-Simwanza Dam Campsite
CNP8-Viewpoint Campsite
DumaTau Camp
Muchenje Safari Lodge
Gudigwa Camp
Kings Pool Camp
Kwando Lagoon Camp
Lianshulu Lodge
Saile Tented Camp
Lebala Camp
Kwando Lagoon Camp Linyanti Bush Camp
Linyanti Bush Camp
CNP11-Tambika Pan Campsite Linyanti Discoverer Camp
CNP12-Nogatshaa Campsite
Linyanti Public Campsite
CNP14-Kwikampa Campsite
Mapula Lodge
CNP13-Tchinga Campsite
Linyanti Discoverer Camp
Motswiri Camp
Lebala Camp
CNP15-Poha Pump Pan Campsite
Kings Pool Camp
Mowana Safari Lodge
Selinda Camp
DumaTau Camp Muchenje Safari Lodge
CNP16-Zweizwe #1 Campsite
CNP17-Zweizwe #2 Campsite
Savuti Camp CNP21-Lonchocarpus Campsite
Zarafa Camp Savute Safari Lodge Savuti Public Campsite Savuti Public Campsite CNP22-Camel Thorn Campsite
Savute Elephant Camp CNP23-Black Stump Campsite
Savute Safari Lodge
CNP18-Zweizwe #3 Campsite CNP19-Zweizwe #4 Campsite
CNP24-West Side Campsite Saile Tented Camp
CNP25-President Campsite
CNP20-Zweizwe #5 Campsite
Gudigwa Camp
Savute Elephant Camp
Savute Safari Lodge
Motswiri Camp
Savuti Camp
Mapula Lodge
Selinda Camp
Zarafa Camp
CNP1-Kabulabula #1 Campsite CNP10-Trichilia Campsite CNP19-Zweizwe #4 Campsite Ihaha Public Campsite
CNP2-Kabulabula #2 Campsite CNP11-Tambika Pan Campsite CNP20-Zweizwe #5 Campsite Savuti Public Campsite
Chobe Savanna Lodge
CNP3-Kabulabula #3 Campsite CNP12-Nogatshaa Campsite CNP21-Lonchocarpus Campsite Linyanti Public Campsite
Lianshulu Lodge
CNP4-Lechwe Flats #1 Campsite CNP13-Tchinga Campsite CNP22-Camel Thorn Campsite
CNP5-Lechwe Flats #2 Campsite CNP14-Kwikampa Campsite CNP23-Black Stump Campsite
Chobe Under Canvas Sekoma Island Lodge
CNP6-Lechwe Flats #3 Campsite CNP15-Poha Pump Pan Campsite CNP24-West Side Campsite
Savute Under Canvas
CNP7-Simwanza Dam Campsite CNP16-Zweizwe #1 Campsite CNP25-President Campsite
CNP8-Viewpoint Campsite CNP17-Zweizwe #2 Campsite
CNP9-Old Game Scout Campsite CNP18-Zweizwe #3 Campsite

Cheetah along the Savute Channel Sunset in the Linyanti Lioness and cub in Chobe African Wild Dog in Kwando
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Chobe National Park Safaris
Chobe National Park is one of the world's last remaining true wilderness areas and one of Africa's greatest game parks. Chobe is the third largest park in Botswana (after the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and the remote Gemsbok National Park in the south-western corner of the country) and covers an area of 10,698 square kilometres. Chobe however, is unquestionably the most spectacular and diverse of Botswana's areas, even more so than the celebrated Okavango Delta.

Chobe National Park is home to huge herds of Elephant, Buffalo, and Burchell's Zebra and high densities of predators such as Lion, Leopard, Spotted Hyena and Cheetah. The park is also notable for the presence of more unusual antelope species like Roan and Sable, Puku, Tsessebe, Eland, Red Lechwe, Waterbuck, and the rare Chobe Bushbuck. Other more popular species such as Giraffe, Kudu, Warthog, Wildebeest and Impala also abound.

Chobe has an amazing variety of habitats, ranging from floodplains, baobab, and mopane trees and acacia woodlands, to verdant flood grasslands and thickets bordering the Chobe River. Flowing along the park's northern boundaries are the Linyanti and Chobe Rivers, while in the south the Savute Channel brings life to the Mababe Depression. Over and above the elephants, the Chobe National Park has an amazing variety of game, and many brilliantly coloured birds.

The Savute Marsh area is well known for its coverage in a number of well known wildlife documentaries, especially the National Geographic films by Dereck and Beverly Joubert. Situated on the bed of a once-huge Paleo super-lake, Savute is comprised of rich grasslands, savannah woodland and a large variety of trees and vegetation.

Safaris in Linyanti Wildlife Reserve
The Linyanti Wildlife Reserve consists of 125,000 hectares of pristine wildlife area to the north of the Okavango Delta. It is bordered by the Linyanti River in the north and the Chobe National Park in the east. Across the Linyanti River northwards lies Namibia's Caprivi strip. Two thirds of the Savute channel is situated within the reserve.

The Savute Channel, which connects the Linyanti river on Botswana’s northern border with the Savute marsh in the Chobe National Park some 60 kilometers away, only began filling with water again in 2008. Before that time, it last flowed from 1967 to 1981 and so until recently, the resident animals here only experienced this Channel as dry grassland. However, this cycle of wet and dry is a phenomenon that has occurred on and off here over the centuries (see more on the channel in our Linyanti page).

The Linyanti area is very different from the Okavango Delta and should be included in every Botswana safari itinerary so that travellers have a more complete and varied experience of the country's different wildlife areas. This private reserve is enormous and is situated in one of the most remote and inaccessible parts of Botswana. The region is one of the least visited and most pristine corners of Botswana and the concession owners intend to keep it this way. The Linyanti region is shared between a very small number of private camps, ensuring that guests are able to view the abundant wildlife privately and exclusively.

The Selinda Reserve
The 300,000 acre (125,000 hectare) Selinda Reserve is one of Botswana's premier wildlife havens and most unique ecosystems. The Selinda Reserve lies in a fortunate location. It is the only reserve to straddle both the Okavango Delta (to the south) and the Linyanti ecosystems (to the east). This fortuitous position makes Selinda Reserve a haven for wildlife migrating between the two ecosystems, along the Selinda Spillway. The Selinda Spillway is the lifeline connecting the two ecosystems, and is a river with the unique characteristic of flowing in two directions. Water pushes 'up' from the Linyanti waterways and also 'down' from the south, fed by the rising floodwaters of the Okavango Delta.

The Selinda Reserve offers all the privacy for which Botswana's private concessions are now known. With only 32 guests in 300,000 acres, the Selinda Reserve offers a peaceful and private experience with exhilarating wildlife viewing. The Selinda Reserve has a network of small tracks that traverse the are, and for those exceptional sightings, the vehicles can go 'off-road' sensitively. The wildlife is on par with that of the famous Chobe National Park but without the crowds or the restrictive rules and regulations accompanying areas of high tourist density. During the dry months, as many as 9,000 elephant have been counted in the Selinda Reserve.

The Kwando Region
The Kwando River concession is 573,000 acres (232,000 hectares) of unfenced wilderness area and features two camps on the Kwando River – Lagoon and Lebala. The concession has 80km (50 miles) of exclusive river frontage. Famous for huge herds of elephant and buffalo with our wild dog viewing considered the best in Africa. Predators include lion, leopard, hyena, cheetah and four species of smaller cats.

Conservation and Tourism in Botswana
The Chobe National Park is a haven for wildlife and photographic safaris in northern Botswana. Outside of the sanctuary of Chobe, northern Botswana is divided into parcels of land commonly referred to as concessions. Those in the Ngamiland District are identified by codes beginning with 'NG' and numbered NG1 to NG51 (not all shown on this map). Also note that the Chobe District concessions are not delineated on this map.  Read more...

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