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Tanzania Safari

Suyan Camp

Loliondo Area, Eastern Serengeti, Tanzania

Wildebeests at Olakira Camp
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SUYAN CAMP RATES: Suyan Camp Rates

Suyan Camp is a seasonal camp located in concession areas in the famous Loliondo Game Controlled Area, which borders the Serengeti to the east.

The exclusive locations of the camp in the concession areas, the possibility to undertake walking safaris, night drives, fly camping and off-road game drives, and the impressive encounters with the illustrious Maasai far away from the beaten track, give a feeling of absolute freedom and of safaris like they once were.

Suyan Camp moves between Piaya (December 16th - May 31st) and the Northern Soit Sambu concession (June 1st to December 15th) - just south of Kleins Gate. Seek and you will find: walking, undisturbed off-road game drives in the wild beautiful landscapes of Loliondo, cultural excursions and fly camping.

Besides the main Suyan Camp, a fly camp operates in this area that offers a fantastic and adventurous experience and enables access to the remote areas of the larger Loliondo area, including Lake Natron, the spiritual Ol Donyo Lengai volcano and much more.

Follow the Migration
The Serengeti hosts the largest concentration of wildlife in the world, thought to be more than 3 million, and is home to one of the great wonders in the world, the Great Migration. Over a million of Wildebeest move annually from the southern plains, where they give birth in January - March, to the Maasai Mara in the north, and back, accompanied by Zebra and other migratory mammals. The lion, cheetah, hyena, hunting dog and crocodiles make sure only the strongest survive. As the Serengeti has no actual borders, you get to find all these wonderful animals in the surrounding Game Controlled areas - plus you have the advantages of being able to do amazing activities such a as walking and fly camping as you are not bound to Park regulations.

Accommodation            For images of Suyan Camp, click Suyan Camp Images
Suyan Camp has five luxurious and spacious tents, located in a way that you can enjoy the vast landscape surrounding the Serengeti- all from your private veranda. All tents are beautifully designed and have excellent bathroom facilities.

Far from the madding crowd, Suyan Camp offers gourmet food, great wines, and all the comforts you can possibly expect. Yet a stay here is not about luxury. It is about discovery, exploration and nature in its overwhelming totality.

Activities & Wildlife
Tanzanian national parks do not have fences; therefore, the concentrations of wildlife in the concession areas bordering the national parks can be high. The advantages of being in a concession area are privacy and additional opportunities to bring adventure into the safari through walking safaris, night drives, cultural experiences with the Maasai and nights of private lightweight camping which can be undertaken from the camp. Game drives can be done both inside and outside Serengeti National Park.

For thousands of years, the rugged Loliondo land has been the territory of nomadic tribes, hunting and herding for a living. A stay in the intimate Suyan Camp reflects the history of the land. Although the camp is the home base of a stay in the area, walking safaris and fly camping will take you deep into this wild and ancient land. Here you will find wildlife, mountains, gorges, volcanoes, Maasai settlements and the peace and tranquility of endless nature with not a human in sight.

Suyan Camp offers a menu of activities that is a dream to anyone wanting to discover Africa. Explore the land on foot with a walking safari led by an expert naturalist guide. Combine walking with fly camping and go off on multiple day treks to explore remote areas that very few tourists have ever visited before. Drive out at night to find animals that hide during the day. Visit remote Maasai settlements to experience how cultural tourism is meant to be. Enjoy breakfast or lunch overlooking endless plains or dinner under countless stars. Take your best shots in a country that is made for photography.

Fly Camping
Fly camping is a wonderful way to sleep under the stars and enjoy the pure tranquility and raw excitement of the bush. Ten foot square tents made of heavy duty mosquito mesh ensure that you are close to nature but apart from only bugs. Fly camping in the Serengeti eco-system is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The freedom of movement, the intimacy of the light camp and the thrill of being so close to nature is the pinnacle of many guests’ safaris.

Asilia's fly camp is light enough to move easily and strike quickly, but still retains the everyday luxuries that characterize Asilia’s tented Camps - hot showers, comfortable bedding and cold drinks served with gourmet food.

Asilia’s fly camping is only outside the Serengeti National Park and moves in the Loliondo Game Controlled area. During the period from December to March, the fly camp will operate Piaya - just outside the Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.  This location is ideal for game drives, walking visits to Lake Natron, Empakai Crater, Ol Donyo Lengai, etc. From June to November, the fly camp is in Soit Sambu, an exclusive concession in the north-eastern part of the Serengeti eco-system, just outside the Serengeti and very close to Klein’s Gate.

For many years, Asilia's partner Sokwe operated mobile camps for its guests in the large Loliondo Game Controlled Area, east of the Serengeti. Sokwe pioneered agreements with Maasai villages including Piyaya, Ololosokwan and Soit Sambu, to have the right to undertake respectful and low impact tourism. Through these agreements, the Maasai people receive an income for the use of their land for sustainable tourism in these wonderful, remote and exclusive areas.

In 2006, Asilia Lodges & Camps decided to establish a more permanent position in the Loliondo area. For a season, Sayari Camp moved from the Mara River to the Piyaya area, in the southern part of Loliondo. Sayari Camp now stays on the Mara River, but the new Suyan Camp is fully dedicated to the beautiful Loliondo land, moving once a year between southern Loliondo (Piyaya village land) and northern Loliondo (Soit Sambu and Ololosokwan village land), following patterns of rain and animal movement in the area.

Serengeti Eco-System
The Serengeti hosts the largest concentration of wildlife in the world, and is home to one of the great wonders of the natural world, the Great Migration. Over a million wildebeest and some 600,000 zebra move through the eco-system, with lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, wild dog and crocodiles making sure only the strongest survive. The sheer volume of numbers combined with the daily dramas of life and death make this an unforgettable experience.

Northern Serengeti
Far away from the beaten tourist track, the Northern Serengeti offers the unique opportunity to explore the fantastic Serengeti National Park undisturbed. Off-road driving is still allowed in the some parts of the northern Serengeti – unlike in the rest of the park. Endless rolling plains and riverine woodlands are home to lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant, and large herds of antelopes amongst many, many others. The stunning Mara River filled with hippos and crocodiles, cuts through this land and hosts one of the greatest spectacles of nature: the dramatic wildebeest migration. Between mid July and November, the Great Migration typically visits the area and crosses the Mara River back and forth in search of green grass.

Central Serengeti
From June to November,the greatest concentration of animals can be found in the Central Serengeti. This valley offers varied landscapes as well as a high density of game year round. Here you can enjoy a magnificent balloon safari.

Southern Serengeti
From December until the end of March, the migration is in the Southern Serengeti and Ndutu area. This is the area of endless grasslands where lion and cheetah find perfect hunting grounds. This is a magical time, during which the Great Migration takes over the Ndutu plains. It is on these plains, during these months, that the wildebeest give birth to the next generation.

Loliondo Game Controlled Area
The Serengeti eco-system is much larger than the Serengeti National Park itself, as it includes the game controlled areas bordering the National Park. Bordering the Serengeti to the east is the large Loliondo Game Controlled Area. This area is known for its Maasai culture, its spectacular natural beauty and for its variety of animals. Suyan Camp operates in Loliondo through partnership agreements with the Maasai villages. The Loliondo land offers unique freedom of movement to undertake adventurous activities such as night drives and walking safaris.

The large, private concession areas, which are shared with small settlements of the nomadic Maasai tribe, offer breathtaking landscapes. The towering Gol Mountains, the deep Sanjan and Olkarien Gorges and the active Ol Donyno Lengai volcano are some of the geological wonders. Ancient rock paintings can be found, showing that there was life before the arrival of the first Maasai warriors. Adventurous walking safaris, fly camping, day and night drives, and visits to small Maasai settlements without meeting other tourists – these are what makes a visit to Loliondo a true and intense experience.

Camp Locations & Move Dates
Piaya 14th December to 31st March
Olosokwan 1st June to 30th November
Camp moves The exact move dates between the 2 concession areas depends on wildlife movement, but will be between Nov 30 and Dec 14 (move can be at a date later in case of exteme drought in the southern Serengeti / NCAA area).

Piaya is located in southern Loliondo, directly north of the NCAA and east of the Serengeti with easy access to Ngorongoro (access to Serengeti NP via Ngorongoro). The large concession area offers stunning landcapes with the Gol Mountains and the deep Sanjan Gorge, unspoilt Maasai culture, ancient rock paintings and excellent possibilities for walking. Parts of Piaya have good resident game and the Migration moves into the area when it rains. The rare wild dog ("Suyan" means "wild dog" in Maasai) has been an almost daily sight in the Piaya private concession for Suyan's guests in recent years. Children of all ages are welcome to participate in walking and fly camping while at Piaya.

Ololosokwan is a large concession located in the northern Loliondo area. Located some 20 minutes outside Klein's Gate, Suyan Camp in Olosokwan has excellent access to the Serengeti. Ololosokwan's scenery is truly spectacular, with green hills, olive tree forests and small Maasai settlements. The area has good resident game and offers great opportunities for walking safaris, night and day game driving and it offers the opportunity to learn about the intriguing Maasai culture. Wild dogs have been spotted regularly in the concession in recent years. While at Ololosokwan the age limit for walking and fly camping is 12 years but at guides discretion.

Transfers & access to camp
Vehicle: the Piaya location of Suyan Camp is located about 1.5 hours by vehicle from either Olduvai Gorge or Gol Gate. The Ololosokwan camp location is approximately 20 minutes outside of Klein’s Gate. Transfers to Olakira Camp or Sayari Camp on the Mara River from Suyan in Ololosokwan and Olakira Camp and Sayari South Camp from Suyan in Piyaya are chargable.
Air: nearest airstrip is Wasso for the Piaya location (Dec 14 to March 31) and Klein’s for the Olosokwan location (June 1 to Nov 30). Transfers to the nearest airstrips are free of charge; alternative airstrips for Wasso (charters only) are Ndutu and Seronera. Transfer costs to Ndutu and Seronera are chargable and exclude park fees.

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