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Tanzania Safari

Sayari Camp

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Sayari Camp - Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
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Sayari Camp is located in the remote and exclusive northern Serengeti.  The stunning Sayari Camp is perfectly positioned to witness what may be the greatest wildlife spectacle on the planet: the Great Migration crossing the Mara River.

The camp overlooks the Serengeti plains, home to staggering wildlife, great numbers of big cats, giraffe, elephant and buck and an increasing population of rhino. During the Migration season, millions of wildebeest and zebra arrive to share the fertile land with the permanent inhabitants. The combination of a superb location, luxurious facilities and an incredible wildlife experience ensures that Sayari Camp will etch itself into your memory as the standard against which you will forever judge any other safari camp.

Sayari is Swahili for universe or planet, capturing the vast plains and endless skies in which the camps are immersed. Sayari Camp was designed to strike the perfect balance between luxury and immersion in the extensive Serengeti.

Sayari Camp (Mara River)
Sayari Camp is situated at a stunning site on the Mara River, in the unspoilt and undiscovered northern part of the Serengeti National Park, one of the best kept secrets of African safaris. Far from the tourist track, the area offers undisturbed exploration of the fantastic Serengeti National Park, with off-road driving still allowed in some parts. Endless rolling plains and riverine woodlands are home to lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant, large herds of antelope and many, many other animals. The stunning Mara River, filled with hippos and crocodiles, cuts through this land and hosts one of the greatest spectacles nature has to offer: the dramatic wildebeest crossings of the Mara River. Between mid-July and November, the Great Migration typically visits the area and crosses the Mara River back and forth in search of green grass.

Accommodation            For images of Sayari Camp, click Sayari Camp Images
Sayari Camp is intimate and original and features The 15 luxury guest tents blend perfectly into the majestic Serengeti landscape. Both wings have a separate mess and dining area to ensure intimacy and personal service. Each tent has a king size bed (twins also available) and a large, private veranda overlooking the Serengeti. The en-suite bathrooms have flush toilets, a double sink, shower and beautiful bath with a view. After game drives, guests can enjoy the infinity pool or choose the privacy of their veranda, the warmth of the fire place, or the comfort of the library, bar or lounge to relax.

Sayari Camp has a talented cook who offers a great fusion of authentic African and nouvelle European cuisine. The atmosphere at Sayari is very personal and intimate and the camp crew does everything to make the experience unforgettable.

Activities & Wildlife
Game drives from Sayari Camp are unlike anything else in the Serengeti due to the exclusive location on the Mara River. Game viewing is often enjoyed without meeting many - if any - other tourists. The remote, vast lands of the northern Serengeti offer undisturbed wildlife watching that stuns even the most experienced Africa travelers.

Spectacular Mara River crossings, off-road driving and endless landscapes overflowing with animals, with no humans to be seen, are some of the specialties of this remote and wild paradise. A bush breakfast observing thousands of migrating wildebeest and zebra is a majestic and most memorable experience.

Reading, dreaming, drawing, painting, writing and simply contemplating are just some of the activities that Sayari Camp invites you to partake in when in camp. Life just might appear in a different light when you return home after a stay in this enchanted area.

Sayari Camp opened in June 2005 on the south bank of the famous Mara River in the northern Serengeti. This area has been almost untouched by tourists and even now, Sayari Camp is still the only permanent camp in the remote north-western Serengeti.

The reason why there are no lodges and camps in this area is because of its remoteness. Far away from the park headquarters in the central Serengeti, the land was subject to poaching in the 1990's. However, an anti-poaching campaign has since ensured the land belongs to nature and its wildlife. Sayari Camp plays an important role in the long-term conservation of the area: people from villages bordering the Serengeti are employed in the camp and income from the camp goes towards educating and providing jobs for the villagers, thereby providing an alternative livelihood to poaching.

There is a spectacular concentration of wildlife year-round here and it is also famous for the Great Migration. In short it is a fantastic wilderness area and the Sayari permanent camp was established there in June 2006.

Serengeti Eco-System
The Serengeti hosts the largest concentration of wildlife in the world, and is home to one of the great wonders of the natural world, the Great Migration. Over a million wildebeest and some 600,000 zebra move through the eco-system, with lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, wild dog and crocodiles making sure only the strongest survive. The sheer volume of numbers combined with the daily dramas of life and death make this an unforgettable experience.

Northern Serengeti
Far away from the beaten tourist track, the Northern Serengeti offers the unique opportunity to explore the fantastic Serengeti National Park undisturbed. Off-road driving is still allowed in the some parts of the northern Serengeti – unlike in the rest of the park. Endless rolling plains and riverine woodlands are home to lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant, and large herds of antelopes amongst many, many others. The stunning Mara River filled with hippos and crocodiles, cuts through this land and hosts one of the greatest spectacles of nature: the dramatic wildebeest migration. Between mid July and November, the Great Migration typically visits the area and crosses the Mara River back and forth in search of green grass.

Central Serengeti
From June to November,the greatest concentration of animals can be found in the Central Serengeti. This valley offers varied landscapes as well as a high density of game year round. Here you can enjoy a magnificent balloon safari.

Southern Serengeti
From December until the end of March, the migration is in the Southern Serengeti and Ndutu area. This is the area of endless grasslands where lion and cheetah find perfect hunting grounds. This is a magical time, during which the Great Migration takes over the Ndutu plains. It is on these plains, during these months, that the wildebeest give birth to the next generation.

Loliondo Game Controlled Area
The Serengeti eco-system is much larger than the Serengeti National Park itself, as it includes the game controlled areas bordering the National Park. Bordering the Serengeti to the east is the large Loliondo Game Controlled Area. This area is known for its Maasai culture, its spectacular natural beauty and for its variety of animals. Suyan Camp operates in Loliondo through partnership agreements with the Maasai villages. The Loliondo land offers unique freedom of movement to undertake adventurous activities such as night drives and walking safaris.

The large, private concession areas, which are shared with small settlements of the nomadic Maasai tribe, offer breathtaking landscapes. The towering Gol Mountains, the deep Sanjan and Olkarien Gorges and the active Ol Donyno Lengai volcano are some of the geological wonders. Ancient rock paintings can be found, showing that there was life before the arrival of the first Maasai warriors. Adventurous walking safaris, fly camping, day and night drives, and visits to small Maasai settlements without meeting other tourists – these are what makes a visit to Loliondo a true and intense experience.

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